New Work: “Welcome, Visitors”

April 4th, 2017


A video essay exploring some of the ideas behind the work I’m currently developing. First presented with a live reading at Paratext 15 at Hangar, Centre for Research and Production of Visual Arts, Barcelona, March 22 2017.

Landscape — Painting and the evolution of visual language — the role of technology and science in artistic developments — Dutch landscape painting in the 1600s — the expansion of concepts of space — viral infection — space exploration and the possibility of humans surviving away from Planet Earth — philosophical concepts of landscape in Chinese painting — science fiction — interpretation of our surroundings

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August 10th, 2016

David Franklin artwork Empire of Rats publication

I have a new publication, Empire of Rats, which was published by Idensitat for the recent exhibition Estructuras de Excepción, and features a text exploring ruins, cultural memory, nationalism, and commercialism. It also includes a series of photos I took while living in Japan of several abandoned sites, as well as photos of Barcelona’s port area, which served as the starting point for the work. More info here.