David Franklin CV

I am an Irish visual artist living in Barcelona, Spain, working primarily with painting, drawing, and video. Previously based in Tokyo, I have exhibited and participated in artistic programmes internationally.

Among my current projects, Out of Earth and Sky focuses on explorations of the post-war art scene in Japan and the processes of butoh performers as they create new work.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 I have been conducting an artistic research residency at the National Art Museum of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

  • Solo Exhibitions

2018    Curse, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan.
2015    Reclamation, Espai M, La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2012    TIER, KKKB, Barcelona, Spain.
2010    New Work, Nroom artspace, Tokyo, Japan.
2009    Ruins, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Selected Group Exhibitions

2016    Estructuras de Excepción, Homesession, Barcelona, Spain.
2016    Villa Casas Foundation Prize for Painting (shortlisted work), Can Framis Museum, Barcelona.
2015    Unsettlements, Stillpoint Spaces, Berlin, Germany.
    Netherfield Park, Espai M, Barcelona, Spain.

2014    Artificialia, Cyan Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
2014    Festival Plaga, A*desk, Barcelona, Spain.
2014    Short Shorts Film Festival, Mexico City, Mexico.
2014    El Cabinet del Dr Frankenstein, La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2013    Síntesi, FAD, Barcelona, Spain.
2013    A Game of the Everyday,  L.A.C. Narbonne, Sigean, France.
2013    D’entre les runes, La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2012    Temps Circulars, Tecla Sala, Hospitalet, Spain.
2012    Anual 2012, La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2011    Solstici 011, Tecla Sala, Hospitalet, Spain.
2011    Contemporary Art of Japan, Birkenfelds Galerija, Riga, Latvia.
2010    Niche -家に返ろう- , Nroom artspace, Tokyo, Japan.
2009    ULTRA Emerging Directors’ Art Fair, Spiral, Tokyo, Japan.
2009    Os Innominatum, Move Cafe, Tokyo, Japan.
2009    -Niche-  return home, Nroom artspace, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Artist In Residence

2017 – 2018    Youkobo Art Space, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
2017 – 2018    Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.
2016 – 2017    Hangar, Barcelona, Spain.

2012 – 2016    La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2010 – 2012    TPK, Tecla Sala, Hospitalet, Spain.
2008 – 2009    Youkobo Art Space, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Grants

2017    Grant for Promotion of Visual Art Abroad. Institut Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
2017    Resident Returnee Programme, Youkobo Art Space / Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.
2013    Grant for Production and Exhibition of New Work. La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.
2012    Grant for artistic creation for visual artists. The Department of Culture, Government of Catalonia, Spain.

  • Publications

2018    Paratext Vol. 2, edited and published by Hangar, Barcelona, Spain.
2016    Empire of Rats, by David Franklin, published by Idensitat, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Curation / Presentations / Other Activities

2018     Crystallizing Ideas – Youkobo Returnee Residence Program, artist talk by David Franklin, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan.

2017     Laboratorio del No Hacer, presentation of “Welcome, Visitors”, Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.

2017     Paratext no. 15, presentation of “Welcome, Visitors”, Hangar, Barcelona, Spain.

2015 – 2017     Curator / programmer for Projections from the Underground, film screenings of underground and experimental cinema at La Escocesa, Barcelona, Spain.

Sessions included:  Hallowe’en Hangover: Horror from Japan and Poland; Art Theatre Guild and the Japanese New Wave; Russian Cinema from the 1980s; Chinese Cinema – the Sixth Generation; V-Cinema: From Genre to Auteurism.

2015 – 2016     Participant in the workshop / research project Estructuras de Excepción, led by Ángela Bonadies and organised by Idensitat, Barcelona, Spain.